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Boost Your Patient Loyalty & Satisfaction With This One Simple Secret (And How You Could Get It FREE)

Did you know …

Did you know that up to 70% of the effect of your treatment to a patient may be compromised by the end of the first day?

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Brand New and Improved Back Vitalizer to Further Improve Patient Care

To help our over 2,500 licensed spinal health specialist clients further boost their patient care, and to help our over 380,000 loyal customers make their life a little bit more comfortable and beautiful, the legendary Back VitalizerTM  has been completely redesigned, and has become co

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Would You Spend $169 to Quickly Eliminate Back Pain Caused by Prolonged Flying or Driving?

We thought so.

Back pain can be a dream killer. Like dreams of traveling to a special place to relax on the white sandy beach, or dreams of window-shopping at that iconic shopping haven, or dreams of taking your kids to Disney world.

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What You Love May Be Causing You Pain And Agony

Many ladies think "I know how to walk in high heels, so back pain won’t strike me." False! You may know how to walk in high heels beautifully and elegantly. However, as a human being, you can’t fundamentally change your body’s neuromechanics. As soon as you stand on your high heels, ...

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How A Expensive Executive Chair May Be Your Biggest Enemy

Many executives believe that "I have an expensive chair at work; so back pain won’t affect me." False! This is a misconception that most people may fall for. The conventional concept of “comfort” is completely misleading, because ...

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I have a muscular back; so back pain won’t happen to me?

Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes thank "I have a muscular back; so back pain won’t happen to me." False! All of us have 7 layers of muscles in your back. The fact that a person has a muscular back most often only means that the person’s outer layers of back muscles are well build and strong. However, the fact that the outer layers of your back muscles are strong does not mean that your inner layer or layers of back muscle are strong too. In fact, the deepest inner layer of muscles that is directly attached to your spine are made up by small muscles that are tender, sensitive, and in case of most people, weak, even among pro athletes. And when back injuries occur, it is almost always due to the injuries to the deep small back muscles instead of outer big back muscles. Similar to the fact that the strength of a chain is determined by its weakest link, the strength of your spine is determined by your deepest inner layer of back muscles ... 

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