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Boost Your Patient Loyalty & Satisfaction With This One Simple Secret (And How You Could Get It FREE)

Did you know …

Did you know that up to 70% of the effect of your treatment to a patient may be compromised by the end of the first day?

Did you know that a leading cause for this problem is that most of your patients unknowingly force their spines into misalignment shortly after leaving your office?

Wouldn’t it be great if you have a simple and effective solution to help stop your patients’ spinal misalignment so that your patients can accelerate their healing under your care, and boost their loyalty and referrals to you to the next level?

Search no further. Such a solution has been created for you, and has been tested and proven by over 2,500 licensed spinal health doctors like you from New York to London.

At BodyRyzm LifeSciences, we believe in the innate healing power of the human body and the power of chiropractic in boosting this innate healing capacity to empower patients better help themselves. The best patient care is to empower patients help themselves naturally. We endeavor to assist chiropractors worldwide better help their patients restore, boost, and maintain their innate healing power, to better help themselves, with no drug or surgery. Said proprietary solution is one of our efforts in this direction.    


Let’s face it.

Most of your patients come to your office in a car or truck. If not, their office or home is within walking distance to your office.

After your treatment, most of your patients will get back into their vehicle or return to their office or home quickly. What happens when they get on the way in their vehicle or after their get back to their office or home? They sit, mostly.

Needless to say, whether they sit in a seat of their car or a sofa at home, their spines are pushed into a forward facing “C” curve, and lead to spinal misalignment.

You know what happens next, because in most cases of back stiffness, aches, and pains, misalignment of the spine is the leading cause initially. So your patients continue doing what caused their back discomfort in the first place, shortly after leaving your office. Is there any wonder why most patients experience one or more relapse to a degree?

As Dale Carnegie pointed out that it is a nature of human beings that deep down, we never believe we ourselves are the wrong doers. When searching for the cause of a problem, people tend to point to external factors. This also applies to chiropractic patients. When the effect of your treatment is compromised by up to 70% by the end of the first day due to spinal misalignment that your patients force themselves into, they blame other factors instead of their poor behavior. The easiest thing to blame is your treatment. They blame your treatment for lack of effectiveness. Of course most of them don’t say this loudly enough so that you could hear. They simply fail to appear at some appointments, or don’t mention your name when a friend or loved one is looking for a recommendation of a chiropractor.       

How to break this silent destructive cycle? It is easier than you think, as already proven by over 2,500 of your peers from New York to London.  

As a best-kept secret for helping patients better help themselves, Back VitalizerTM has helped 2,500 chiropractic doctors and their patients solve this problem for over a decade now.

Endorsement by Dr Pat McLean“I travel more than 150,000 air miles every year. The long flights are a breeze as I float across the ocean on the Back Vitalizer. I have one in the car, at the kitchen table and in my travel carry-on.

All of my patients with lower back discomfort, and healing spines, love them for driving or flying. And many Maui visitors have enjoyed a more comfortable flight home with the Back Vitalizer as their seat mate!

Everybody needs the Back Vitalizer! Especially people with challenging lower backs who have to sit. Do yourself and your patients who sit do long periods of time a favor and get a few to share in your office. Active seating rocks!” --- Dr. Pat McLean, HI


“Still the best product of its kind I have seen over the last 20 years.” --- Dr. James Cassillo. NY



“I have 3 (Back Vitalizers) and have used them for several years. Mine was recommended by my Doctor for my ongoing spine issues. I carry it easily in my carry shoulder bag and use it EVERYWHERE. Easy to inflate with a simple breath and the amazing seal ....never ever leaks. Great for airplane trips and using in chairs in any location ... restaurants, outside benches, your home chairs and car seats. The subtle movements as your muscles shift helps relax the back.”  --- Leslie F.

“I drive 25.000 miles per year. I have tried many devices for my lower back pain while driving. This is the best by far for me-- that includes devices with vibration and air pumps. You inflate to a little as possible and let the Back Vitalizer support you and massage you at the same time. There is a problem in getting the plug out to put air into the BV-- but follow directions and it should be no problem.” --- Pilgrym,

“Best thing ever! Astronomically superior to any other back support/seat I've ever tried. Fully recommend it to anybody I talk to. Keep up the excellent work!” --- Clarice C. ON

And now, to help doctors like you to better empower your patients and to help them better help themselves, the legendary Back VitalizerTM has been redesigned and improved, again. Look at how beautiful the new Back VitalizerTM is.


Your FREE Professional GIFT

Do you believe in the idea that the best patient care is to empower patients? Would you like to improve your patient care by better helping your patients help themselves? Do you intend to continue using the Back Vitalizer for your patient care should your initial free trial satisfies all your expectations?

If so, YOU are invited to accept a FREE professional gift of 1 FREE brand new and improved Back VitalizerTM. Let’s celebrate your patient care with a new Back VitalizerTM! Click the button below, now.

But wait, there is more. You may even be able to get 2 FREE new and improved Back Vitalizers. Click the button below to claim your FREE professional gifts now. 


- Available to the first 35 doctors only. First come, first served.

- Only available to licensed doctors or therapists currently practicing in the continuos continental USA or Canada only. (Doctors and therapist practicing in EU countries shall receive a similar offer once inventory becomes available in our European warehouse.)

- One offer per clinic.

- Shipping address has to be a verifiable clinic address. 

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