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Brand New and Improved Back Vitalizer to Further Improve Patient Care

To help our over 2,500 licensed spinal health specialist clients further boost their patient care, and to help our over 380,000 loyal customers make their life a little bit more comfortable and beautiful, the legendary Back VitalizerTM  has been completely redesigned, and has become cooler and classier than ever before ... 

At BodyRyzm LifeSciences, we believe that a medical device should not only works effectively, but also looks beautifully, and feels luxuriously. This is why we redesigned the Back Vitalizer. And this redesign was a complete ground up re-engineering, and covered not only material, but also structural, and aesthetic designs. Conpared with last model, the new Back Vitalizer comes with more than 10 improvements. And we have also improved our manufaturing processes and quality control. Each finished Back Vitalizer has to go through a much tougher quality control process now.

With these great improvement, don't be surprised that more people will set their eyes on your elegent and classy new Back Vitalizer. Many of them may ask where you got it. With the new improvements, we want you not only feels more comfortable, but also be proud of having this hand crafted most effective and most beautifully designed medical back relief support.

The top three improvements in the new Back Vitalizer are:

  1. perforated surfaces for improved breathability and body comfort
  2. coll and beautiful red / black color combination and hand crafting to turn Back Vitalizer into a fashion accessory? 
  3. better access to adjustment valve for improved convenience

We hope that the new improvements help our doctor improve their patient care, and help our individual customers make their lives a bit easier and more pleasant. Let us know if there is anything we could do better for you. 



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