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Full Stack iPhone App Expert

Canadian Full Stack iOS App Expert for APP supporting Wearable Device

Ajuvia Life Sciences needs to have an iPhone app developed in SWIFT to support a health/fitness wearable device similar to a FitBit.

The app is resided on an iPhone and is to receive data from the wearable device through a BLE connection. The app shall then process the data and, depending of the result of the data processing, trigger alert and/or instructions to the user via audio and/or visual signals. The app should also send the data that it receives from the wearable device to an external cloud through WiFi. The app should also be able to receive and install app software updates or patches pushed by the company. the app doesn't need payment function. Wire frame is available, but needs to be refined.

The app needs to have …

1. common user interfaces as for the activity, behavior and health monitors, such as dash board.

2. common user interfaces for initial registration and sensor set up for a first time user

3. common user interfaces for sensor readiness indication or trouble shooting instructions

4. common miscellaneous user interfaces such as FAQs, privacy policy, term of use, app setting, about, sensor replacement, etc.

Successful candidate shall have existing full stack experience with a SWIFT iPhone app supporting a wearable device, and must have Canadian work permit.

The position is open as of immediately. Interested candidates please submit application and resume to "BodyRyzm.hr28 at"

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