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Connecting Neck Pain Patients with Neck Health Specialists

Over 30 million¹ American adults are afflicted with neck pain, costing $20 billions, each year. Maintaining a health cervical spinal alignment is critical to the recovery and rehab of these patients. Unfortunately most patients fail to comply. The consequences are slowed rehab, prolonged suffering, complicated treatments, and increased costs.  

¹ Health, United State, 2006, National Center for Health Statistics

Ajuvia Life Sciences has developed world’s most advanced smart wearable solution to help these patients and health care system solve above problems.

Beside helping patients effectively comply with a healthy cervical spinal alignment, Ajuvia also created a system to effectively connect these patients with neck health specialists for consultation or care if needed. Learn more

The registration process is now open to all licensed neck health specialists in US and Canada. A limited numbers have been assigned to each geographical area for eligible care givers. Interested specialists are welcome to submit applications as soon as possible.

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