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Improve Core Stability

There are 6 layers of muscles over the spine in the back. When a person has a muscle injury in the lower back, it is almost always the small stabilizing muscles - the deepest layer of muscles attached to the spinal vertebrae - that are hurt, while the larger and more superficial muscles in the back are almost always in good form.

The small stabilizing muscles, most crucial to the health of the back, are the core of the core muscles and are unfortunately the weakest in the back. Despite great advancements in medicine, medical devices and rehabilitation technologies, there has been no effective means to strengthen them, until now.

With Back Vitalizer, a practical solution is now available, for the first time. It offers stimulation and exercise to strengthen these muscles with sufficient intensity and duration.

Within 3 seconds when you sit on it, Back Vitalizer will activate the neuromuscular self-balancing or proprioceptive nature of your upper body. Your spine will subconsciously balance itself and gently sway like a tree in the wind. In the process the deep stabilizing muscles will get stretched and shortened alternatively. With time, these muscles will get exercised, and your core and lower back strengthened.

The gentle, subconscious and ongoing stimulation also engages and exercises your other core muscles and your core stabilizing neuro-pathway. You will notice that your abdominal muscles are tightened up when sitting on the Back Vitalizer. As a result, Back Vitalizer will also help strengthen your core while working at your desk, having a delicious dinner or watching your favorite movie, without you even noticing it.

Many users love sit on a stability ball or sitting disc at work.

Using a stability ball or a disc as a sitting device have countless advantages. It help you reduce physical inactivity which has been linked to a wide range of health issues, such as obesity, cardio vascular diseases, but also a number of common cancers. According to American Institute of Cancer Research, 25% of colon cancer and 28% of breast cancers are linked to inactivity of sitting. Stability ball have helped countless users dealing with these health challenges from around the world.

However stability ball also has a number of downsides, such as  it may be risky to users as it could easily roll away unknowingly to its user, or its height could be very difficult to be aligned to the height of your desk to make you sit either too high or too low to your desk both of cases often leads to health issues with your wrist such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The sitting discs are often too instable and distracting at work.

The following solutions have successfully resolved the issues for you. With SambRx stability seat or Back Vitlaizer, you will get the full benefits of stability ball and disc as a sitting device, but you will have none of the above mentioned short comings of the ball or the disc. Furthermore, you will be able to take them anywhere you sit, even on aplanes.