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Protect Back Curvature

Our body is not built for sitting. Due to the biomechanical structure of our body, the gravity will start to pull and rotate our pelvis backward to cause our back to bend backward and our body to lose our healthy lumbar curvature and our upper body to slouch, as soon as we sit down unassisted.

Slouching is a leading cause for our back stiffness, pain and fatigue due to prolonged sitting. It not only significantly increase the pressure on our spinal discs, raise the wear and tear of our spine, but also dramatically reduce our vital capacity, concentration and productivity.

The good news is that there is effective solutions to help you improve your sitting posture, reduce and prevent slouching, and reduce the risk of back stiffness, pain and fatigue.

Due to the natural biomechanical construction of the human body, the pelvis will start to roll backwards as soon as we sit on a flat surface. This backward rolling process causes the back to curve out backwards and the body to slouch. This fact demands a special effort to maintain an upright sitting posture, often leads to back fatigue after a long period of sitting.

Traditionally, people try to use a posture positioning wedge to assist an upright sitting posture. However, due to the stress and fatigue in the lower back and the distractions of the mind, people often subconsciously resort to slouched sitting posture.

Back Vitalizer resolves this dilemma by providing a gentle on-going neuromuscular (proprioceptive) stimulation and a precise biomechanical support at the same time to help users maintain an upright sitting posture easily and subconsciously.

Simply sit on a Back Vitalizer, and have your tail bone aligned with the rear edge of the Back Vitalizer. Within 3 seconds, your sitting posture will be improved , automatically and effortlessly.

As a result, your body will subconsciously and happily maintain an upright sitting posture - like you have the most dedicated posture coach by your side 24/7 wherever you sit.

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it online, today!

The following are two effective solutions you wish to immediately reach out to:

SambaRX stability seat helps you improve your sitting foundation and fundamentally improve your sitting posture

Back Vitalizer is a travel version of the SambaRX but also serves as a back support if you need it.