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Reduce hunched back

Most hunched back began as a Forward Head Posture. Unfortunately Forward Head Posture begets Forward Head Posture. If left untreated, what began as a mild Forward Head Posture would eventually became a severe Forward Head Posture and further progress to Hyperkyphosis (hunched back). A habitual issue becomes a structural problem. The longer the history of the condition, the harder to correct and the more damaging to your health.

A small effort at the early stage will make a huge difference in the outcome of your health.

Due to the prevalence of working and gaming at computers, a large portion of the population have developed or are developing Forward Head Posture and Closed Chest Syndrome™ by constantly leaning their heads towards computers and reaching their hands and arms forward. Overtime, such poor posture not only creates serious health issues, but also limit even destroy the person’s image and even career opportunity – especially with performance artists.

Clinically designed and proven, Neck Vitalizer™ helps users correct Forward Head Posture, and Closed Chest Posture or Forward Rolling Shoulders Posture, all by just resting on it for 15 - 20 minutes, twice a day.

All you need to do is to place a Neck Vitalizer™ in-between your shoulder blades and lie on it. Within 3 seconds when you do so, the gravity will start to correct your Forward Head Posture by gently pulling your head backwards or downwards, and at the same time relieve your Closed Chest Posture by gently pulling your two shoulders down and opening up your chest, while your upper spine is firmly supported by Neck Vitalizer™.

Since Forward Head Posture is often related to Closed Chest Syndrome, no correction of Forward Head Posture can be effective without correcting Closed Chest. Neck Vitalizer™ has been engineered to easily correct user’s Closed Chest Posture and Forward Head Posture at the same time, for unparalleled therapeutic effectiveness.

Neck Vitalizer has been designed to help you comfortably and easily correct your Forward Head Posture and reduce and prevent hunched back down the road.

Follow the instructions carefully. Your body will thank you.