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Relieve Back Pain

The human body is made for motion instead of static sitting. Clinical studies show that, within 20 minutes of a person sitting still, the deep stabilizing muscles in the lower back start to contract, shorten and tense. And these tensing muscles will squeeze the vertebrae, create static load on the spinal discs, and eventually compress nerve roots from the spine. These, in turn, will create tension, stress, stiffness, fatigue and even pain in the back, especially in the lumbar area.

With above facts in mind, it becomes clear that the key to prevent back pain, stiffness and fatigue is to effectively prevent the deep stabilizing muscles from tensing. Unfortunately there is no chair in the world that, no matter how expensive or ergonomic, can prevent any of the deep stabilizing muscles from tensing. This is where Back Vitalizer comes in.

By providing gentle and continuous neuromuscular stimulation, Back Vitalizer helps sedentary users relax the deep stabilizing muscles, prevent them from tensing, cut off the static load, as well as relieve and prevent pain, stiffness, spasm and fatigue in the lower back. You can put your Back Vitalizer in any chair, seat even sofa and sit on it, and eliminate the tensing muscles instantly!

Back Vitalizer's special patent-pending aero-dynamic design is fully customizable. Anyone can enjoy it - from kids to seniors!

Testing is believing! Visit a clinic close to you to try and purchase a Back Vitalizer, or order it online, today!

You are not alone if you have back pain. According to American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, 100 million Americans are afflicted by back pain each year, and $200 Billion are spent directly on treating the back pain.

According to studies, most back pains are mechanical back pains, i.e. caused factors mechanical in nature, such as poor posture, slouching, nerve interference, muscle tensing, wear and tear, dehydration of spinal discs, etc.

It is a nature of our body, that as soon as we sit still for 20 min. the deep stabilizing muscles in our lower back start to tense, to created extra stress and tension in the back and often leads to stiffness, pain and fatigue. It is critical to help prevent these muscles from tensing. As a result, your back needs dynamic support to help it stay active.

Do you have one or multiple degenerative spinal discs in the lower back? Do you suffer from disc herniation in the lumbar spine? Do you suffer from a twist of your spine that is causing low back pain?

Nerve comes out of the spine through the gaps between the vertebrae. If any of the nerve roots got compressed or pinched, one would often experience sharp pain in the back and  even in other parts of the body.

Degenerative spinal discs lead to reduce space between relevant vertebrae, and often cause one or more nerve roots to be compressed by the adjacent vertebrae or pinched by the adjacent disc. Herniated disc would often intrude on adjacent nerve root causing pain. And a twist of your spine would also lead to pinching the nerve root in your spine. The main interest in such case is to reduce or prevent such compression or pinch. This is where Lumbar Decompressor comes in.

Lumbar Decompressor is clinically designed to provide users with a practical solution to reduce such compression or pinch whenever a user needs a relief, anywhere and anytime. No need to wait for that special appointment to decompress your lumbar spine while having to put up with the pain.

Simply lay your deflated Lumbar Decompressor flat on the floor, in a bed or sofa, and lie down on it, with it centered underneath the small of your back. Then, simply inflate the device to relieve your pain. Within minutes, you will notice great relief of the pain in your lower back.

The following are two solutions that help your back stay active and help you keep your back out of trouble wherever you sit.

Qi Orthopedic Pillow provides you witha dynamic support behind your back.

SambaRX stability seat offers you with an improved sitting foundation.