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Relieve Neck Pain

The neck and shoulder pains in sedentary people are often the result of poor sitting postures. A slouched sitting posture often causes the head to protrude forward leading to a posture called "Anterior Head Carriage" or "Forward Head Posture".

The forward protruding head dramatically increase the stress on the neck and shoulder muscles. With each inch of forward protrusion of the head from its neutral position, the stress on the head-holding neck and shoulder muscles increases by 100%. People with FHP often protrudes their heads forward 2 inches or more. This means that the effort required of the head-holding muscles often double, triple even quadruple, which, over time, leads to persistent pain in the neck or shoulders.

Neck Vitalizer offers a practical and ultra effective solution for correcting the FHP and relaxing the neck and shoulder muscles.

Simply lie on the Neck Vitalizer between your shoulder blades before you sleep or after you wake up for a short while. Within seconds, you will notice that, as your head drops backward and your chest opens up, the stress and tension in the associated neck and shoulders muscles are reduced, the neck and shoulder muscles are relaxed, and the neck or shoulder pain is relieved.

This process effectively reestablish the neuro-pathway for your healthy neck curvature and head posture, i.e. effective teach your head and neck about and remember how they should be carried on your shoulders. By doing so, Neck Vitalizer also helps effectively prevent FHP.

Due to the pervasive use of computers, smartphones, tablets, and electronic gaming devices, increase number of people are afflicted by neck pain and upperback pain, due to rolonged forward protruding position of the head.

With each inch of forward protrusion of the head, the stress and tension in the related neck and upper back muscles increase by 100%. With an average forward head protrusion of 2-3 inches during a normal computer work, text messaging or electronic game, the stress and tension in the neck and upper back rise dramatically, as if the person was carrying 2-3 additional head on the shoulder. Such high stress and tension often leads to persistent pain in the neck or upper back. Over time, the forward protruding position of the head often becomes habit through out daily routine, and becomes a clinical condition named Forward Head Posture.

Neck Vitalizer has been specifically developed to help you ease and relieve your neck and upper back pain, to help you correct Forward Head Posture, and help you reduce the forward protrusion of your head in your daily activities.