How A Expensive Executive Chair May Be Your Biggest Enemy | Ajuvia Life Sciences
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How A Expensive Executive Chair May Be Your Biggest Enemy


Many executives believe that "I have an expensive chair at work; so back pain won’t affect me." False! This is a misconception that most people may fall for. The conventional concept of “comfort” is completely misleading, because the conventional “comfort” actually stress and damage your body while you don’t even realized it. The conventional “comfort” often leads you to slouch, and increases physical inactivity in your trunk, while sitting, that, over time, often leads to not only back stiffness, back pain, but also obesity, cardio vascular issues, premature degeneration of the spine, even common cancers. At best, conventional “comfort” could be a short term “comfort” which means any sitting less than 20 minutes. Most chairs, no matter how expensive they may be, whether they cost $500 or $1,500, will begin to stress and damage your back and body within 20 minutes of your sitting still. Is there any solution to change this situation? Answer is positively “Yes”. You can put a SambaRX adjustable back relief stability seat into virtually any chair and change this situation instantly.