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Hydrate Spinal Discs

Spinal discs are critical to one’s spinal mobility. Without the flexible discs, a spine will not be able to rotate nor to bend, and a person will be walking like a utility pole in the street.

The flexibility of the discs comes from its hydration. However this hydration is not like blood supply, and does not happen automatically.

As of the age of 19, the self-hydration function of the spinal discs is steadily reduced. The core of the discs can then only be lubricated and fed with the nutrients through an imbibition process which, in case of human spine,  is the opening and closing action of the intradiscal spaces. During the imbibition process, the spinal vertebrae move like a clam by opening and closing its shells underwater. The opening and closing process of the intradiscal space functions as a pump to suck fresh spinal fluid in and compress old out. Consequentially, it hydrates, nourishes and protects the spinal discs which is like the soft body inside the shells of a clam.

Unfortunately such imbibition process stops when a person sit still. And this is where Back Vitalizer comes in.

Through ongoing neuromuscular stimulation, Back Vitalizer helps maintain the imbibition process and keeps spinal discs hydrated while sitting. Simply sit on a Back Vitalizer, and the Back Vitalizer will do the rest for you.

The latest innovation - Lumbar Decompressor™ - allows you to decompress your lumbar spine with full control in your own home whenever you need it. It is easy and effective.

If you are currently taking lumbar decompression treatments at a hospital or clinic, Lumbar Decompressor™ will complement your

routine treatments, when you need it and where you need it, in between your hospital or clinic visits.

If you can not afford back decompression treatments due to time or budget constraints, Lumbar Decompressor™ offers you the opportunity of accomplishing your own back decompression therapy in your own home, at your own convenience and under your own full control.

You can simply place a deflated (deflation is easy) Lumbar Decompressor flat in a bed, a sofa or on the floor, and lie down flat on top of it with Lumbar Decompressor centered underneath the small of your back, then squeeze the hand pump to let the relief begin.

While you pump your Lumbar Decompressor, you will feel that your lumbar spine is gently lifted and stretched. This process gently increases the space in between your lumbar vertebrae, improves hydration of your lumbar spinal discs and reduces the compression on your nerves.