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What You Love May Be Causing You Pain And Agony


Many ladies think "I know how to walk in high heels, so back pain won’t strike me." False! You may know how to walk in high heels beautifully and elegantly. However, as a human being, you can’t fundamentally change your body’s neuromechanics. As soon as you stand on your high heels, your pelvis shall rotate forward, that forces your upper back swing backwards, and your head and neck swing forward. When your pelvis rotates forward and your upper back swing backward, the curvature of your lower back deepens that leads to increased stress and tension in your L4, and L5 spinal discs, which, in turn and over time, often result in premature degeneration and destabilization of your lower spine that often could only be helped by surgery. If the damage to your lower back is not enough, let’s look up to your neck. When your upper back swings backwards and your neck and head swings forward, Forward Head Posture shall emerge. With each inch of forward head protrusion of the head, the stress and tension in the back of your neck increases by 100%. Over time, this stress often results in nagging neck stiffness and pain. So if you are a human being, high heels is going to hurt you no matter what.     

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