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Who we are

Our president Patrick Lee with Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor of California & Advocate for Preventive Healthcare

Our president with Dr. S. Arria Co-Founder and Executive Director, International Sports Sciences Association

Our president with Dr. Jack Barnathan Bodybuilding's "Strength Doctor"

Our president with Dr. F. Mancini President, Parker College of Chiropractic 

Our president with Mr. L. Haney
Eight (8) times Mr. Olympia

Our president with Dr. J. Maltby
President, International Chiropractors Association

Improving lives in over 20 countries, Ajuvia™ Life Sciences brings you the latest proven technology and solutions for your back, neck and spinal health.

Our mission is simple: We Back Your Back, For Life! We help take care of your back so that you can enjoy and reach your life's full potential you desire. We also strive to become your lifelong partner in your effort to keep your back in the optimum shape and health.

Our philosophy is also simple: Customer First, Team Members Second, Owners Third. It is not a secret that you our customers are our employers. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. It is also no secret that employees are all what a company has, and are the force to satisfy your needs. It is no wonder, that the well being and satisfaction of our customers and our employees have the proceeding priorities.

What are our credos?
- Protecting the interests of our clients is our utmost priority
- Do to others as we would have them do to us
- Only results count
- Work smarter, not harder
- Every extra dedication, no matter how small, is gold
- Team work is our soul
- Independent accountability is our pride
- We do what we say
- Integrity is our principle
- Devils are in the details
- Staying organized is our core
- Do. Or do not. There is no try
- Strive to be a model to others in everything we do

The main purpose of our Neuromuscular and Biomechanical solutions is to help you relieve, correct and prevent Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain, Upper Back Pain, Postural problems, and unnecessary stress and fatigue. Our solutions are differentiated by the following characters and benefits:
- high efficacy: help up to 95% of users relieve their back and neck
- high portability: can be taken in hand bags on board of airplanes
- high customize-ability: can be easily customized to most users' personal comfort
- high affordability: cost 1/4 to 1/2 of their less effective alternatives
- high quality: backed with up to 3 years of 100% Performance Guaranty.

Founded in early 2002, the company's innovations has been used and recommended by doctors, healthcare professionals and general public around the world such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, even Ghana

We also aim to help individual inventors to effectively commercialize their inventions, by sharing our knowledge, experience, business infrastructure, distribution channels and financial resources.

We are actively expanding our domestic and international distribution for our continued innovation. Inquiries from professional manufacturer's sales representatives and distributors are always welcome.

Please do not hesitate to send us your comments and/or questions. We would be pleased to hear your feedback in order to serve you better.

Over the past decade, we have served customers far and wide – from clinics, doctors, therapists to patients, and general public, from corporations to governmental agencies, from profit to non-profit organization, from US to Australia, from Sweden to Ghana.

Our customers span over 20 countries on 5 continents and cover all walks of life. Generally, they are licensed clinics specializing in pain management, organizations including some of the world’s most leading public and private organizations that care for their employees, professionals and individuals who are well educated and want the best for their health, wellbeing and performance, and leading retailers such as QVC, Walgreens, and Relax The Back.

  The following are some selected sample clients of ours served in the past decade.

Selected Doctors Around The World

Selected Corporations Where Our Product Are In Use